Prophetic Prayer

Jessica Crawford came all the way from Nashville to be with “Da Sheddites” out at The Shed recently!


That was the focus of a very special gathering recently at Biker Church USA in The Shed in Columbia SC.  Jessica Crawford came in from Nashville to be with the crew and to sing over some of them.

It was all special, but the highlight seemed to come at the very end when, after singing over Brother Tootleloo (yes, the one who is in “Da Sheddites!”), she was asked to sing prophetically over Brother Muzza who was online with us from down under in Australia.  Not only did Jessica sing prayer over Muzza across two continents, but also across two days (it was Saturday at The Shed and Sunday in Australia).

We truly saw prophecy of Jesus fulfilled (Matt 24:14).




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Randy Stonehill Concert

Randy Stonehill


We have a real treat for you! The “Godfather of Christian Contemporary Music,” Randy Stonehill, will be in concert LIVE at Biker Church USA Columbia on Saturday evening, May 9, beginning at 6:30 pm (EST). Randy is a member of the Christian Music Hall of Fame!

For us, the best part is, Biker Church USA streams their services LIVE on the Christian Biker TV network!  So we’re able to invite you to take a front row seat and enjoy the concert as you praise God!!!

If you’re in the area, why not drop by and visit with the folks at Biker Church USA Columbia.  They’re located in the Shed, adjacent to the VA Hospital on Garners Ferry Road.  They share a parking lot with the Hardee’s, so if you see Hardee’s, pull in there!

To visit Randy’s website, click HERE!  He has great music available online!







Bungle In The Jungle

A recent message from Pastor Brian Smith and the crew The First Heavy Metal Church in Dayton OH. As usual, you won’t want to miss this great message!










Here’s a “cheesy,” little animation that makes a really important point.  Opportunity is knocking!  It’s an invitation to guys and gals who love to ride motorcycles but who are also a little on the “geeky” side of the house.  If you love things like taking photos, shooting videos, and messing around with computers — but still also like “wind therapy,” you might be one of the ones we’re trying to reach.  We need folks from all over the USA and Canada to produce good content for Christian Biker TV.

Enjoy and be blessed!









Why Not Be In A CMC or MM


Pastor Cochise explains why he supports other Christian M/M or M/C and their events, but he doesn’t want to be part of any of those kinds of organizations himself.

A few have asked me, “Why are you having a Run To The Son for M/M’s & CMC’s when you’re not in one of them?” 1st, I want to do the Rally, because I would LOVE to see some walls that have been built up between these, be torn down & we can work together to build more Biker Churches, 2nd….well…….Here’s why!

Posted by Set Free Church Daytona Beach on Sunday, April 5, 2015





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Operation Christmas Child

Bikers for OCC

Once again, thousands of bikers showed up in 2014 to deliver shoe boxes with presents for kids all around the world.  Samaritan’s Purse, the host of this special event, shares the love of Jesus around the world with these shoe boxes.  And the bikers did not disappoint.


Check out the short video below from the Christian Biker TV (CBTV) Network filmed at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Charlotte NC.




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Bikers Who Don’t Ride!

Bikers Who Don't Ride Anywhere

We’re having a lot of fun and getting some great feedback from a new “short series” we’ll be working on in 2015.  We call it “The Bikers Who Don’t Ride … ANYWHERE!”


For more reasons than we can explain now, there are lots of riders out there with scoots that just don’t get a lot of road time!  Some put their scoots on trailers (“Trailer Trash”) and take them for a ride.  Others like to wear the clothes, but they just don’t ride.  These are great folks — many are good friends.  So we don’t have any hard feelings!  But we’re doing some satire on the subject!





2014 MB Fall Rally

BikerTV.org at Myrtle Beach 2014 Fall Rally. We went On The Road to the Fall Rally in Myrtle Beach. October, Bikers, Myrtle Beach


Pyro On Fire

Pyro has a message that helps understand why bad things happen to good people.


Georgetown SC Boats

Georgetown South Carolina is home to the South Carolina Maritime Museum and puts on the Wooden Boat Show. It is an impressive collection of new and classic wooden boats from all over.